About Wild Spirit Gifts

We created Wild Spirt Gifts for Salt Lamps and Holistic Gifts in Portsmouth, Hampshire UK at the start of June 2020.
After using our own Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp to replace the negatively charged ions in the air around us as we work from a home office on PCs, we had to agree with the clame, that they help to avoid the alleged physical and mental harm that the ‘electric smog’ creates, as well as taking out a number of other unwanted things from the air around us such as to much moisture. 

Once we decided to recommend them to other, things just took of from there and as you see we are now offering many more products as holistic gifts, Charlotte is now also making her own custom made Dream Catchers and still enjoying doing these for the people that request them.

If you are looking for something and we do not have it, please feel free to let us know, Thank you.

Neville Chase